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You may kiss the bride, or not.

The past couple of years I have seen friends in the dozens tying the knot and quite a handful have chosen to take a stand and fight for equal marriage. … Continue reading

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The Zombie Manifesto.

Lowering the age of voting to 18 and implement automatic voter registration. Currently, the law requires us to wait until we are 21 years of age to actually register ourselves … Continue reading

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Titled (18)

Heard you, loud and clear Lingering thoughts and unfinished sentences Deafening silence, making sounds of wind going through trees play a symphony Dropping of water from leaky taps feels like … Continue reading

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This old, dreary box has forever been locked away Filled with unexpressed, frustrated emotions – never been touched for ages It functions like a safety deposit, emotions are slid in … Continue reading

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To blossom, Bunga Raya needs reformation.

For exactly 60 years, Malaysia has not seen a shift of power in the ruling party. Tracing back the country’s genesis, for the sake of unity and convenience, the Malays … Continue reading

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Zoon Politikon.

It is very true that solitude creates introspection.  Who are you when no one is watching?  Being in the confines of one’s own mind is daunting enough, but to go … Continue reading

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Hickey, Whiskey, Ciggy by Sofea Farida.

Hickey, whiskey, ciggy, A night of the stunner, Running around crowds of impression, In a life of desire and fear. Vulnerability hides behind a thick skin, Dresses around confidence, Just … Continue reading

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