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To blossom, Bunga Raya needs reformation.

For exactly 60 years, Malaysia has not seen a shift of power in the ruling party. Tracing back the country’s genesis, for the sake of unity and convenience, the Malays … Continue reading

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Zoon Politikon.

It is very true that solitude creates introspection.  Who are you when no one is watching?  Being in the confines of one’s own mind is daunting enough, but to go … Continue reading

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Hickey, Whiskey, Ciggy by Sofea Farida.

Hickey, whiskey, ciggy, A night of the stunner, Running around crowds of impression, In a life of desire and fear. Vulnerability hides behind a thick skin, Dresses around confidence, Just … Continue reading

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Refugee Economic Interest by Omar MF.

The national interest or raison d’Etat (“reason of State”) often referred by the French, is a country’s ambitions and goals whether economic, military or cultural. The foreign policy of each … Continue reading

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Alter uni-verse. 

This is an ongoing story(?) which you can join to shape and contribute to the story. Waking up in his single-room studio apartment, still wrapped up inside of his blanket, … Continue reading

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Singapore cavalry choirs are singing.

Coldplay gets you right in the feels, Singapore arouses the curiosity within you – an experiment done right. Stepping into the National Stadium of Singapore, standing at the edge of … Continue reading

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Three Layers of Swiss Army Man by Yasier Mahayuddin.

SPOILER ALERT! The movie opens with Hank (Paul Dano) humming to himself. With a noose around his neck and staring into the abyss, Hank is ready to die. He changes … Continue reading

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